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Deanna Foster

Deanna has been a landscape designer for 17 years.  She grew up on the San Francisco Peninsula.  Deanna's work is informed by her art background and by her travels to Europe and Asia where she was able to tour many of the world’s most beautiful gardens.  Deanna and her husband built their own home  in Northern Virginia and Deanna landscaped its 2.5 acres, largely in native plants.  Deanna and her husband moved back to California 9 years ago.  

Deanna is passionate about giving her clients a landscape that really suits them. To accomplish this, she balances the individual personalities and interests of her clients with inherent site conditions.  Here in California this requires making very best use of the land and careful use of water.  In Los Angeles we often want to make our landscape an urban sanctuary.  Deanna enjoys the challenge of creating a lush garden with water wise plants to give her clients a retreat from the bustle of the city.

She would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your landscape wants and needs.    Deanna Foster:  805-455-8428. 

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